With the onset of summer, classic icy drinks are once again becoming popular, including lemonade. This is the case at Budapest Airport as well; the Leroy Bistro offers numerous different varieties.

Before boarding, try our lemonades, which are sure to cool you down in the summer heat.
Below is our selection.

Classic lemonade can never be left off the menu. At the Leroy Bistro, it is made with some fresh orange juice.

Guava grape
The guava grape lemonade is a delicious mix of different flavors. The traditional recipe is complemented with grape juice, guava and grapes.

Green tea grapefruit
The beneficial effects of green tea can be enjoyed even in a cool lemonade. Adding a little grapefruit produces a delicious combination that is not to be missed.

In addition to the exotic varieties, more traditional ones, such as the raspberry lemonade, are also worth trying.

Lavender-lily with edible flowers
This violet-colored drink stands out with its individuality. Not only is it flavored with lavender, but also comes with edible flowers, which make for a unique refreshment.

Green apple kamikaze
In addition to cool lemonades, the Leroy Bistro also offers a true specialty, the green apple kamikaze. Four, six or eight glasses of Smirnoff vodka and green apple juice, served smoking!

We have already tasted these treats at the new Leroy Bistro. See you before boarding?