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Style gives you self-confidence for facing the world

Savita Kaye, fashion expert, media professional and founder of the “House of Icons”, is one of the high profile guests of the Budapest Fashion Week. Under the House of Icons’ umbrella she helps talented designers creating collections rivalling those of the greatest fashion houses, helping them to make the world’s most renowned catwalks, creating an exciting, surprising and colorful world for fashion shows from Los Angeles to Dubai.

Tell me about the underlying motives of the House of Icons’ concept!
The House of Icons is an international platform for designers who we help show their talent all over the world. It embraces a new generation of designers, fostering up-and-coming talents creating world class collections. We help them with our connections throughout the profession, with promotion, PR activities and anything else they might need. In addition to fashion designers we also promote the careers of models and musical talents. My task is to ensure that they are provided with maximum support and excellent business opportunities.
Savita Kaye - House of iKons

I have been reading articles how you cooperate with world famous stars as well!
Oh, yes, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez have been seen on catwalks of my designers, to name but a few.

How does your international platform relate to Budapest Fashion Week?

Just recently we launched a new form of cooperation under which our designers can present themselves here in the Budapest Fashion Week, while the most talented Hungarian designers can appear at our events. This show in Budapest will be followed by high profile events in London and Cambridge.

Who have you brought along to Budapest this time?
I wish to present one of my new designers, one who has already appeared in the London Fashion Week, whose brand is named Amirab. The Amirab collection is designed for women living in environments demanding modesty, or even in environments subject to strict codes. The brand is characterised by purity and classic forms with a little twist. This is a very beautiful collection, including skirts, dresses and shawls made of silk, of exciting and varied colours. Pieces of the collection are already available on King’s Road in London.
Savita Kaye - House of iKons

What does fashion mean to you personally?
Fashion is a highly emotional thing. I suppose an individual style gives you the confidence you need for facing the world. It helps you “fall in love with yourself” and it motivates you to do things in life. All these are very important.
How much do you need to travel on business?
I travel an awful lot. I have already been to Holland this year and now I am in Budapest for the first time in my life. And my schedule for this year includes Los Angeles, New York, Abu Dhabi and Dubai as well.

What is it you like most when travelling?
The first thing I do at an airport is shopping. I sense a very strong bond between airports and the world of fashion. I never skip poring over Louis Vuitton’s latest collection for instance. And then, I like sitting down in a café and watch people coming and going, what they are wearing, what they are doing, and all. When your flight lands in a city you have never been to, a new world opens up before your eyes.

Savita Kaye’s latest designer presents the brand Amirab on 29 April in Budapest.


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