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Chinese tradition and Italian elegance – a fusion on the catwalk

One of the most out-of-the ordinary collections of the 2017 spring Budapest Fashion Week will be staged by Filomena Saltarelli. Despite getting up very early in the morning and having spent hours travelling, she is just as kind and natural as ever. She is standing in front of Budapest Airport’s camera fresh and prepared. Her designer brand “Feelomena” was launched in 2014. Her temperament and gestures immediately identify her as a true Italian lady.

Is this the first time you are visiting Budapest?
Yes, this is the first time. I’m very pleased to be here and I am very excited, I can hardly wait to see the city. I have read about Budapest and I am looking forward to exploring it. I would like to see the different faces of its two parts, Pest and Buda. I have a very inquisitive personality, but that is part of my job.

What have you brought to the Budapest Fashion Week?
The brand Feelomena brings out one new collection each year. This time I am showing Budapest my latest one, this is the first time it is presented to the public. I have designed pieces that may be worn by any woman, all day. Environmental awareness, “new design”, attention to detail and “true content”; these are my brand’s key values. I think what is inside is very important, and I mean it just as well about individuals, personalities, as about the pieces I design. My dresses reflect femininity and elegance, representing a style that is essentially Italian. At the same time, they carry innovation, minimalism and individuality.

What colours dominate your new collection?
As for the dominant colours, I go for black and blue. These colours are, one might say, my signature; this is me. I also like to work with grey and ivory. I use stripes as a new design element, primarily in shades of red. I am inspired by traditional Chinese clothes. Those pieces cover the full body, from top to toe, yet they are suggestive and make their wearer mysterious.

What fabrics do you use most?
I used lots of silk and cotton, along with wool, the latter primarily for coats.

What does travelling mean to you? Do you spend a lot of time travelling?
Of course, and I just love travelling. I think airports make some of the most important venues in any trip, as they provide links to all parts of the world. An airport is a small, condensed, self-sufficient world. I love sitting down somewhere with a coffee and a sandwich, watching people most of the time, sometimes for hours on end. An airport gives you an insight into the diversity of cultures, and you can also see the diversity of fashion there. I watch hairdos, shoes, listen to the coffee shop music, have some food. Driven by curiosity, I often draw inspiration from these experiences. Whenever I visit a new place or move to a new town, I start off without a map, and I do so deliberately. I like to get lost a little, seeing places where I might never set foot otherwise. Even as I have been hearing conversations between Hungarians, I have been impressed. It sounds like no other language in the world, I find it very interesting.
Filomena did not forget to invite us to the show of her collection on 28 April, on the catwalk of the Budapest Fashion Week.

Photo of her collection at the runway: (Fotó: Budapest Fashion Week Facebook oldala)


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