Community relations



Budapest Airport is proud to be one of the largest employers and taxpayers in the region. According to the results of an independent survey, the airport operated by the company employs a total of approximately 9000 people and generates local tax revenues in excess of 1.8 billion HUF per year. According to our 2011 figures, about 2600 residents from Budapest District XVIII, 1100 from District XVII, 1100 from Vecsés and 400 from Üllő work at Budapest Airport.

In 2009 Budapest Airport made a significant contribution of 326 billion HUF, or 1.24 %, to Hungarian gross domestic product (GDP).


As one of the most significant players in the region, Budapest and the whole of the Hungarian economy, Budapest Airport has a sense of responsibility towards the residential communities affected by its operation, and is committed to creating a healthy balance between the benefits of operation and other impacts resulting from the proximity of the airport. The airport operator strives to build good neighborly relations with the communities in neighboring settlements (Budapest District XVIII and XVII, Ecser, Vecsés and Üllő) and other settlements affected by its operation (Budapest District X, XIV and XVI), and to cooperate with local municipalities, political decision-makers and NGOs on a partnership basis.

Budapest Airport Consultative Committee

The airport operator established the committee in 2006 on a voluntary basis, in order to provide a forum for municipalities, governmental stakeholders and business partners to receive information firsthand about the latest developments relating to the operation of the airport, and to regularly discuss topical professional issues and good neighborly cooperation. The body comprises mayors and deputy mayors from neighboring settlements and representatives from the Budapest City Council, professional partners and tourism organizations. In addition to discussing the most important airport-related events and developments and environmental issues, the meetings often also focus on the development of public road access to the airport.

Cooperation agreements

Budapest Airport strives to build good cooperation with all municipalities affected by its operation, and, to this end, is committed to continuous and open dialog and close liaison. The company has concluded three-year cooperation agreements with two of its most important partner settlements (Budapest District XVIII and Vecsés). According to the documents, Budapest Airport and the settlements shall build their cooperation along the principles of good neighborly relations, and shall help each other in cases where the cooperation of one party eases the solution of a problem for the other party, or the successful resolution of an issue. The agreements, valid until 2012, record the details of Budapest Airport’s voluntary noise insulation program, and the airport operator assumes an obligation to provide support in excess of 10 million HUF to the settlements annually. The beneficiaries may include local foundations, or the support can also be used to sponsor various programs and events. The municipality is entitled to decide on the specific sums and uses each year.

Community events

Budapest Airport is a regular participant and a key sponsor of various local community events. It has its own stand at the traditional September food-tasting event organized in District XVIII, the Vecsés Cabbage-fest and the Ecser Mayday event. In our nearly 100-square-meter tent, Budapest Airport’s volunteers welcome visitors with a flight simulator, fine food, special displays and presentations about the intriguing and secretive world of airport operation.


The airport operator recently established the For The Neighbors Of Budapest Airport Foundation in order to be able to support the improvement of the living and social conditions and the quality of life for neighboring communities in a more transparent and efficient manner. The fourth phase of Budapest Airport’s voluntary noise insulation program, involving District XVII, was financed through the foundation. more>>