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Airport works under normal conditions again

Dear passengers,

Both runways and taxiways have been cleared after the heavy snowfall at Budapest Airport thus our airport works under normal conditions yet again. However since severe winter weather has hit all Europe it might happen that some flights will depart from their destination to Budapest with some delays. Due to this and the mandatory de-icing of aircraft up to 30 minutes delays might happen in departing flights from Budapest. All the duty staff of Budapest Airport works hard to neutralize the effects of cold winter weather so that you will not have to endure any inconveniences while arriving or departing through our airport.

Budapest Airport
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Flight delays in Europe

On Saturday afternoon and early evening intensive snowfall is expected according to the weather forecast in Budapest. In the surrondings of Ferihegy Airport, a 5-10 cm thick layer of snow is foreseen. Due to this the Duty Airside Manager ordered snow plowing on Ferihegy Airport.

In Western Europe severe weather conditions of Friday still cause delays and cancellations on Saturday. On many German, Italian and Checz airports, delays are expected, this condition influences the traffic of Ferihegy Airport too. This is manly due the delayed flights originating from Western Europe and arriving late to Budapest.

We kindly ask every passenger to check their estimated departure time at www.bud.hu. More »


First new Belgrade flight lands at Ferihegy

The direct aerial connection between the Serbian and the Hungarian capitals has been re-established after a break of 17 years. More »


The strike has failed, business as usual at Budapest Airport

The two-week long effort of LESZ union to initiate a strike at Ferihegy has resulted in a spectacular failure today: only 34 people have joined the walk-out of the 200-strong Malév Ground Handling company.

The „strike” went almost unnoticed in Ferihegy, against the Sunday afternoon-evening peak there were almost no queues at all, there were no strike-related delays (though two flights were delayed due to late incoming aircraft), there were no cancelations, at the airport business was as usual.

All airport companies have prepared with strengthened shifts and teams for the possible strike, since for all of them No. 1 priority is the quality service and safety offered to the passengers. Budapest Airport would like to express its gratitude to all its employees who have offered their extra work this Sunday afternoon to join the common effort which made it possible that passengers did not notice anything of the strike initiative at all at the airport.

Budapest Airport
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Strike on Sunday

Dear visitors,

one of the airport unions have announced a strike on 13th December 2009. Sunday between 15.30 and 20.30 hours at one of the Ground Handling companies at Budapest Airport. Let us assure you that all airport companies do everything in their power to minimize your inconveniences during the strike. We do our best to ensure that all our passengers and their baggage should arrive to their destination safely. We do suggest however that if your flight is due to depart in the above mentioned period please arrive at Terminal 2 of the airport at least one hour earlier than usual.

Budapest Airport
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New head of communications

Károly Szilágyi has joined Budapest Airport Zrt. as head of communications. More »


MÁV-strike again


Light-years ahead

Budapest Airport commenced the concurrent trial operation of new lighting technology in two different locations. The aim of both projects is to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the airport, and thereby reduce Ferihegy’s carbon dioxide footprint. More »


Bugs, holiday home and headcount…

Only one-third of the trade unions’ demands from December passed the test of legality; out of the 12 demands, only 4 may serve as the basis for a work stoppage. This was confirmed by the Metropolitan Court of Budapest in its ruling dispatched this week, also emphasizing that there is no point in subsequently expanding or elaborating on the demands; the judges also rejected this in their final and valid court ruling. There is not a single word in the court ruling about continuing the strike, alleged “Greek strikebreakers” or “workplace intimidation”. On the contrary, the court even ruled the trade unions’ demand relating to the collective bargaining agreement unlawful. More »


Terrace closed

The terrace at Terminal 2A opened for the last time this year on 5 July. Its closure is necessary due to the construction of the SkyCourt, since works on the roof of the terminal no longer make the safe and secure operation of the terrace possible. More »


Construction of the SkyCourt commences at Ferihegy

On the 10th of June, Gordon Bajnai, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary, dr. Peter Noé, member of the Executive Board of Directors of HOCHTIEF AG, dr. Reinhard Kalenda, the chairman of Budapest Airport Zrt. (BA) and Jost Lammers, the CEO of BA ceremoniously laid the foundation stone of the SkyCourt, the new terminal building at Ferihegy Airport. More »


Business award for BA

A professional panel awarded the 2009 Business Superbrands award to BA. More »


Apron extended in Ferihegy

The first phase of the apron extension in Ferihegy has reached completion. The construction of this stretch of concrete of 46 000 square meters was made necessary by the ongoing terminal development project, as Terminal 2 is going to be extended in the direction of Apron North-West. More »


Dear passengers,

one of the airport unions announced a two hour warning strike for Friday 8th May 2009 between 06.00-08.00 hours local time. Since Budapest Airport cannot exactly forecast what effects this strike might have on our usual traffic, if at all, we kindly request that you arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure. Also you might enquire on phone no.: 296-7000. Thank you for your understanding and patience for the inconvenience. More »


Budapest Airport issued a two-round tender for the development of Budapest Airport Hotel

BUDAPEST, 2 April, 2009. – Budapest Airport has today issued a two-round open tender for the development of Budapest Airport Hotel. More »


Selective waste collection starts at Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport organized a press conference to present selected waste collection at Ferihegy. The waste bins were inaugurated by Lajos Oláh, under-secretary of state from the Ministry of Environment and Water Affairs (KVVM), György Viszkei, the managing director of ÖKO-Pannon and Budapest Airport CEO Jost Lammers on the departure level at of Terminal 2B. The event was moderated by Péter Novák. More »


Together with Tourism

This week Budapest Airport (BA) Zrt has become a full member of the National Tourism Committee, the consultancy and decision preparation body of the Hungarian tourism sector. Minister of local councils also responsible for tourism, István Gyenesei decided to invite the airport operator into the body. More »


BA relocates protected trees

BA has relocated 6 protected poplar oak trees, nearly the same age as Terminal 2 itself, in connection with the development of Terminal 2. The trees were moved from the demolition area in front of the terminal to one of the parks in district XVIII, the airport’s home district. More »


Budapest Airport awarded Best Outbound Travel Stand award at the Travel 2009 exhibition

Budapest Airport’s pavilion imitating the new Terminal 2 building, the SkyCourt, proved a great success at the Travel 2009 exhibition. The structure, designed by the Ottó Kecskeméti studio, was chosen by the profession as the best-looking stand out of more than eight hundred, and was awarded the exhibition’s grand prize, the Best Outbound Travel Stand award. More »


Runway-lighting refurbishment

The reconstruction program aimed at the full refurbishment of BA’s runways has reached the next milestone. This time, the airport operator carries out the upgrading of the whole runway lighting system. More »


Budapest Airport at ITB Berlin

A Budapest Airport (BA) is participating at the ITB Berlin, a five-day travel exhibition, the largest of its kind in Europe, which started Wednesday. The operator of Ferihegy Airport would like to popularize Hungary at the gigantic event, which draws 180 000 visitors each year, and thus further boost the already significant touristic and business traffic between the two countries. More »