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2014-12-30 12:23:43

’Sziget’ Continues at the Airport

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Although Sziget Festival was officially over last Sunday night already, the Sziget vibe lingers for a few days in Terminal 2 of Budapest Airport. The estimated 420 000 visitors at the festival also had a beneficial effect on the passenger numbers of airlines.

Budapest Airport separated some areas in Terminal 2 of Ferenc Liszt International Airport to ensure that festival goers have a nice time between the end of Sziget and their flights, a period which may last for several days. The airport mini-Woodstock was implemented as a chill-out area in the corridor on the arrival level of Terminal 2B and the arrival level of SkyCourt where Sziget people can lay out their sleeping bags, have a few hours’ rest before departure, and just as importantly recharge their mobile phones using the wall sockets.

The after-effect of Sziget at the airport may last for a few more days as not everyone can fly out on the day after the festival – there had been massive demand for plane tickets too. Some had booked their flights six months before the festival, and they are the lucky minority with seats reserved on flights that are packed anyway. About 200-250 young people spent last night at Terminal 2 of Budapest Airport, waiting for their flights. Accordingly, Budapest Airport increased the frequency of cleaning in the affected terminal areas.

In order to protect the backpacks of festival goers and to ensure undisturbed traffic flows, the airport operator purchased 7000 heavy-duty plastic bags which were deposited at the check-in counters to help prevent damage to backpacks, tents, or sleeping bags checked in. The plastic bags also ensure that various straps and other bits and pieces hanging from such items do not get stuck in the baggage system and no flight delays are caused by them.

“In recent years we did have the opportunity to understand all possible needs of visitors of various festivals, therefore we procured sacks and implemented designated chill-out areas at spots that are otherwise not too busy in the terminal,” said Péter Huszka, Chief Operations Officer of Budapest Airport. He added, “As much as possible, we try to harmonize the needs of different passenger groups, as in addition to Sziget fans, hundreds of families leaving for vacation as well as traveling businessmen use our airport at the same time. I am confident that the services we provide will also satisfy the Sziget crowd.”