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2017-03-08 13:52:24

5th Dorko shop opens at the airport

One of the trendiest Hungarian shoe brands has opened an outlet in Terminal 2A of Ferenc Liszt Airport, thus entering the exclusive marketplace offering the best domestic and international brands.

The development of the Dorko brand is a real success story, as it achieved a strong presence quickly in the domestic market. In cooperation with Hungarian artists, their unique textile and trendy shoe collections were launched, widely available now around the country. After opening the airport brand store it is now competing in an international environment among the best Hungarian brands.

The transit area of Terminal 2A with 7-8 million passengers passing through each year offers a great opportunity for domestic products to also become popular among foreigners. Therefore, the brand introduces itself to passengers with the Dorko Hungary collection that is only available in their new shop at the airport.

Dorko appeals to people who can identify with all branches of art, including photography, painting, and music, and have the courage to express this with the way they dress.

When creating the main model for the spring and summer of 2017 – DRK ’81 – the Hungarian designers went back to the roots of the Dorog Rubber Works. “Dorogi” [“of the town of Dorog”] or "dorgo" which was picked up in slang as “dorko” was originally a canvas sneaker produced in 1920 in Dorog. DRK ’81 preserves the trim of the “dorko” with some modifications in quality to appeal to new generations.

Dorko shops can be found at an increasing number of locations nationwide. After the opening of Dorko Ferihegy, the stores of the brand are scheduled to pop up in county seats in the Eastern part of the country in March, then in the capital and the south of Hungary in April.