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2016-04-28 22:23:24

Budapest Airport to add more than a thousand parking spaces

Due to the continuous increase in traffic, Budapest Airport has decided to expand its car parks, to further improve the travel experience for passengers. The development will add more than a thousand new parking spaces, whereby passengers will have a choice of three different long term parking products, from summer 2016.

Budapest Airport parking development

Traffic at Budapest Airport is growing continuously, and record passenger numbers are once again expected this summer. Manel Moreno, head of commercial landside services for Budapest Airport believes this year there will once again be significant demand from passengers who wish to leave their cars at the airport during their trips: “In 2015, more than a million passengers opted to park at Budapest Airport whilst they were away. Demand for our parking services is increasing, be it a business trip of a few days or a holiday of several weeks, which confirms that passengers are satisfied with the value for money we offer. Due to the increasing demand, we will be further expanding our capacity and enhancing service quality. This summer we will be constructing more than a thousand additional parking spaces, including introducing a new, even more favorably priced parking product, to make travel simpler and more comfortable for even more customers.”

Holiday Parking, intended for long stay use, is located just a few minutes walk from the terminal, whilst Holiday Plus is accessible with an even shorter walk. The former will be expanded with 278, the latter with 177 spaces. In addition, Budapest Airport will establish a new car park with 600 spaces, called Holiday Parking Lite, which will offer an even more affordable alternative. Moreover, parking is available with significant discounts compared to list prices through online booking, whereby a hand car wash and the all-inclusive services of the SkyCourt Lounge can also be ordered concurrently. These additional services make the journey faster and more comfortable, and enhance the travel experience for passengers.

All of Budapest Airport’s long stay car parks are protected with CCTV cameras, a license plate recognition system and extra insurance, so that passengers can leave their vehicles behind in safety during their business or leisure trip. This latest development will also include the installation of several new pay machines and baggage trolley stations in Holiday Parking, as well as the construction of elegant covered walkways from Holiday and Holiday Plus Parking to the terminals.

The current expansion and development is expected to be fully completed by August 2016.