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2012-03-14 20:31:12

Budapest Airport: Survival Is At Stake

Budapest Airport has been forced to take further steps in order to ensure that the operation of the company could be maintained.

In the course of reviewing the 2012 business plan and the financial resources left after the collapse of Malév, the temporary transfer of traffic from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 as well as postponing the construction of the Cargo City by two years are necessary steps.

Budapest Airport has revised its 2012 traffic forecast and business plan. The airport operator has been forced to modify its strategy for this year in the wake of the grounding of the national carrier. With the discontinuation of Malév’s operation, significant reserve capacity has become available in Terminal 2, while Terminal 1 is running close to its passenger service capacity in traffic peaks, hence the need to temporarily relocate traffic to the much more spacious Terminal 2, which was announced by Budapest Airport at a meeting with all its airport partners yesterday.

After the loss of the national carrier, Budapest Airport is continuously working to recover losses in all areas. Although several new airlines arrived in Budapest and existing partners have also announced increased frequencies and/or capacities, additional correctional measures are required to stabilize the company. A further measure is postponing the construction of the Cargo City. The project is expected to commence in two years time.

A detailed schedule and implementation plan for the transfer of traffic from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 will be drawn up and introduced to all affected partners within weeks.