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2014-12-30 12:28:59

Budapest Airport: The best November of all time!

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Air traffic in Hungary took a major leap forward during the penultimate month of the year. Budapest Airport’s terminals handled nearly 700 000 passengers in November, which is an absolute record for the month. In December, traffic at Budapest Airport is expected to surpass 9 million passengers on an annual level.

A total of 689 727 passengers departed from or arrived at Budapest Airport in November, according to the airport operator’s latest statistics. This means a growth rate of 7.9% compared to the same month in the previous year, and 7.2% overall for the year. In international comparison, traffic at Budapest Airport is growing well in excess of the European average, and is far ahead of the other airports in the region (Vienna, Prague, Warsaw), which registered modest growth of 1-3%, or even a decrease.

The number of aircraft movements (landings and takeoffs) also increased, albeit, to a lesser extent; ATMs were up by 4.7% in November and by 2.7% for the year. This also means that airlines were able to further improve the efficiency of their operations, i.e. the load factors of their flights, which stood at 76.5% in November, on average.

It is no surprise that the top destination is still London by a long way; passengers from Budapest have a choice of 5 airlines operating flights to 4 airports in the British capital. Paris has moved up into second place, ahead of Brussels, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Traffic between Paris and Budapest was only marginally higher than between the Hungarian capital and Brussels, which shows that the new flight by Transavia France to Orly Airport, launched this year, and the significant improvement in the traffic performance of Air France were enough for Paris to claim second place.

“We expect to reach the dream 9 million threshold sometime in the middle of December, which will be a historic moment in the life of Budapest Airport, as in our busiest year so far, 2011, we had ‘only’ 8.9 million passengers,” said Kam Jandu, chief commercial officer for Budapest Airport. “The dynamic traffic growth is a good indication that Budapest and Hungary are becoming ever more attractive tourism and business centers. Together with our airline partners we are working to further improve our performance, and to demonstrate that Budapest is the most exciting city in the region, from a tourism and an economic perspective alike,” he added.