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2014-12-30 12:29:21

II. Runway Run: Celebrities and top athletes also competed

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Runway 13R/31L at Budapest Airport, better known as runway I, echoed from the stamping of running shoes instead of jet engines on Saturday 6 September. For a single morning, the concrete strip belonged to the runners for the II. Runway Run charity race. Several hundred invitees, including top athletes, the members of the Nike Running Club, celebrities and representatives of the media had the opportunity to be part of this unique experience.

Following last year’s premier, in 2014 Budapest Airport and Nike again organized one of the most special running races in Europe. It is unique on the continent that such an event should be held on the operational runway of an operational international airport. Managers from the aviation industry, the members of the Nike Running Club, representatives of the media and numerous celebrities were also invited to the event. Teams of two ran 6 kms each in a relay race, whilst individual entrants competed over the full 12 km distance. The organizers offered donations to charitable organizations, including the International Children's Safety Service.

Being an experienced runner, the 6 km distance was not a problem for model Panni Epres. “I was running in a team with my sister and number one confidante. Judit is a mother of four. We are very close, but still have little time for joint programs, so this day was very special for me,” she said, after running on the “makeshift” running track for the second time.

Three-time Olympic champion kayaker Zoltán Kammerer finished the relay distance in sixth place, with an excellent time, and even had strength left for a strong finish against his fellow runners on the last few meters. ”Running in the middle of an empty runway and stepping on the rubber marks left by aircraft is an unbelievable experience. I found this atmosphere fascinating,” he said. He was competing as part of a very strong team, completing the II. Runway Run with fellow Olympic champion kayaker Gabriella Szabó.

The charity race was a stern test for television presenter Ada, who ran 6 kms for the first time ever. ”With the exception of a few critical points, I really enjoyed it. The illuminated runway was really beautiful when we set off. I resolved to train for the Runway Run, but in the end I could only begin preparations a few days in advance” she said in the finish zone, after coming through the race with model Johanna Szikszai.

Olympic champion water polo player István Gergely ran with his wife, Class FM radio show host Roland Szani completed the full distance by himself, but fitness guru Réka Rubint and actress Nóra Trokán also proved that running is close to their hearts.