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2012-02-03 17:48:11

Budapest Airport: status update for passengers

Budapest Airport would like to thank the patience and understanding of all Malév-passengers who from 05.00 hours this morning have been cooperating with both Malév and Budapest Airport staff after the grounding of the national airline.

Budapest Airport and Malév ground personnel have done everything in their power to ensure that no major disruptions take place, passengers may get their Malév-tickets re-funded, stranded passengers be looked after.

Budapest Airport would like to especially thank all airport partners, airlines, ground transport companies, food and beverage providers, retailers who have helped out passengers in need with increasing their flight frequencies, sending increased size aircraft, offering new flights or special buses and other extraordinary services. Their support is of great help to Budapest Airport in coping with this unexpected situation.

Budapest Airport would like to remind passengers to book tickets with proper care with airlines in possession of flight permits, contracted slots at the airport. Budapest Airport cannot take responsibility about any unlicensed marketing offer of any airline that has not secured its flights properly.