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2017-10-26 16:32:04

Ministerial recognition for Budapest Airport’s developments

The minister of the national economy has recognized Budapest Airport developments and job creation with a prestigious accolade, on the occasion of Hungarian Republic Day. Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport has received the “For The Hungarian Economy” award from Mihály Varga.

Budapest Airport spent no less than 360 million EUR (nearly 112 billion HUF) of its own resources over the past ten years on infrastructure developments, the construction of new passenger traffic and logistics facilities and expanding the scope of airport services. And the airport operator will spend additional 160 million EUR (approximately 50 billion HUF) until the end of the decade on the further expansion and upgrading of the airport infrastructure. A series of investment projects will be implemented as part of the BUD 2020 development program, including a 220 meter long Pier-B, new parking facilities, a Cargo City, logistics and environmental protection developments.

The most spectacular development project was the SkyCourt, the new central hall in Terminal 2, handed over six years ago, which raised the quality of service for passengers departing from and arriving in Budapest to a new level. In connection with this, the construction of a new passenger pier of more than 10 000 square meters besides Terminal 2B is under way. The facility is expected to be opened in the middle of next year, and will primarily make the handling of passengers arriving from and departing to non-Schengen and long-haul destinations world class.

Other projects within the extensive development program include the significant expansion of parking capacities, by nearly 40 percent, with 4700 parking spaces now available. A new maintenance hangar has been constructed for Wizz Air aircraft and the Lufthansa Technik maintenance hangar was renovated and re-insulated, whilst similar works are currently ongoing at the other maintenance base, the Aeroplex facility. To enhance aviation safety, a new instrument landing system was installed (ILS Cat III/B standard), a 900-meter-long section from the concrete surface of runway I was renovated and an environmentally friendly engine test facility (with noise protection) has been operational for years. To further facilitate the growth in the cargo segment, two integrator buildings were handed over this summer, constructed specifically for DHL Express and TNT.

“It is a great honor for me to take over the “For the Hungarian Economy” award on behalf of my colleagues, because first and foremost, this is recognition of Budapest Airport’s consistent development efforts,” emphasized Jost Lammers during the handover ceremony. The CEO of Budapest Airport added: “We will continue to work hard to ensure that Budapest Airport will continue on its growth path and should be the largest job creation center in the Southern Pest region, where no less than 12 000 people are working.” According to recent research, the significance of employment at the airport is even greater than this, as every 100 foreign aerial passengers arriving in Hungary contribute to the creation or maintenance of nearly 2.5 jobs. Based on this, passengers arriving in Hungary by air recently contributed to the upkeep of 109 000 jobs in total.