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2014-12-30 12:29:31

More than 600 runners participate in Runway Run 2014

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Runners from all over Europe, the United States and Qatar participated in Runway Run 2014, an airport running race organized jointly by Budapest Airport, Nike, Wizz Air and British aviation portal anna.aero. Numerous international representatives from the world of aviation, the members of the Nike Running Club and Wizz Air’s ground and air crews were invited to the unique event.

This was the second time that Budapest Airport and its partners organized the Runway Run airport running race, in which athletes and amateurs competed over a distance of 12 kms or a relay of 6 + 6 kms. The 3 kilometer-long runway I at Budapest Airport was closed from early Saturday morning to accommodate this special event, and since traffic is at its lowest on the morning of the sixth day of the week, all arriving and departing flights were re-routed to runway II. Preparations for the race were completed in less than 2 hours on the runway, including the construction of the start and finish zone and the installation of the electronic time measurement system. One of Wizz Air’s Airbus A 320 aircraft held in reserve was towed to the middle of the runway, so that participants could run around it. (The runway was reopened for regular aircraft traffic at 15:00 hours.)


International representatives from the aviation industry, managers from airlines, airports, travel agencies and international organizations were invited to the event, along with 200 members of the Nike Running Club. Numerous well-known athletes and Olympic champions also participated, including Olympic champion water polo player István Gergely, Olympic champion kayaker Gabriella Szabó, three-time Olympic champion kayaker Zoltán Kammerer, former NBA basketball player Kornél Dávid, fitness guru Réka Rubint, model Panni Epres and actress Nóra Trokán.

“We are delighted to host the Runway Run at Budapest Airport, as the participants are sure to be treated to a very special experience. This race is unique in Europe,” said Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport, who was amongst the runners. “We are very grateful to our airport partners and the authorities who exhibited a flexible and cooperative approach to make this extraordinary event possible, and, last but not least, for participating with teams of their own,” he added.

Fastest amongst the ladies on the 12 km distance was Csilla Veres, an employee of the National Tax and Customs Administration working at the airport, whilst Robert Murphy, from Irish carrier Aer Lingus finished first amongst the men. Brothers Zsanett Kis and Tibor Kis triumphed in the 6+6 km relay. The fastest airline team was also that of Aer Lingus, whilst the fastest airport team was from Krakow in Poland. Tamás Szente, the deputy lord mayor of Budapest handed over the award for the fastest airport authority team to the employees of the National Tax and Customs Administration, whilst Péter Edvi, president of the International Children's Safety Service presented the fastest airport partner award to the team from the British Embassy in Budapest.

British charity Anthony Nolan, working to facilitate bone marrow transplants for children with leukemia, will receive support from the entry fees and the donations made on the occasion of the race, and a donation will also be made to the International Children's Safety Service from the entry fees of the Hungarian participants, to support children in need.

For the results, please click to the following link: http://www.sportido.hu/timing/result.nsf/Race.xsp?clientid=36&raceid=279