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2017-02-10 12:30:41

New electric car charging station at Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport and Főtaxi handed over a fast charger manufactured by ABB for “refueling” electric cars. The development is an excellent example that not only the state and local governments, but companies can also do a lot for the dissemination of environmentally friendly technology. The taxi company expects the number of electric vehicles in its fleet to rise.

The Hungarian government declared its commitment to electric mobility last year. Accordingly, a key element in the implementation of the Ányos Jedlik Plan is the provision of a 1.25 billion HUF budget for tendering by settlements with more than 15 000 inhabitants, seeking to install electric charging stations. In addition to local governments, companies committed to environmental protection are also doing a great deal to promote the use of green fuel. Several shopping centers and retail chains handed over free electric chargers recently.

In addition to the government, the municipality of Budapest is also committed to disseminating environmentally friendly transportation. “The Budapest Municipality would like to facilitate the use of electric vehicles not only by prohibitions, i.e. the regulations applied during the recent smog alert, but also with investment projects,” said deputy lord mayor Dr. Balázs Szeneczey. “Together with the districts of Budapest, we intend to install approximately 1100 charging stations, as part of a three-year program. We believe that direct current fast chargers such as the one handed over today will constitute a definitive portion of that,” he added.

As a company committed to environmental protection, e-mobility and innovation, Főtaxi installed a fast charger manufactured by ABB, able to recharge two vehicles at a time, in the taxi buffer car park at Budapest Airport. The development was implemented in cooperation with Budapest Airport. The required infrastructural works were carried out by the airport operator, whilst the device itself, its installation and operation are financed by Főtaxi. “This is the second fast charger that we are putting into service, using our own funds. The first one has been operating at our company’s headquarters since December 2013. We expect the number of electric vehicles in our fleet to increase several-fold,” said Tibor Szunomár, the CEO of Főtaxi Zrt.

“Budapest Airport launched the Greenairport Program, together with its business partners operating at the airport, in 2015. The fast charging station implemented together with Főtaxi showcases the main objective of the scheme, that members should harmonize their environmental developments and measures, in the interest of their common goals. Promoting e-mobility is a focus area in the program, as a result of which there are approximately 30 electric vehicles in use at the airport, and a fast charging station has been operating in the car park for more than a year,” commented Gábor Szarvas, EHS director for Budapest Airport.

“We were delighted to receive the request from Főtaxi Zrt. for the installation of the charging station. ABB has substantial international and domestic experience in the deployment and operation of fast charging infrastructure developed for electric vehicle. We hope that by handing over this e-vehicle fast charging station, we can contribute to the establishment of the nationwide charging network, and help Főtaxi Zrt. carry out its environmental efforts successfully,” said Tara-Julia Lammi, the managing director of ABB Kft.

The ABB Terra 53 CJT fast charger is able to recharge electric vehicles of all types. The newly installed unit also has an internet connection, whereby its operation can be controlled remotely.