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2014-12-30 12:29:38

New security provider on the airport horizon

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Budapest Airport has hired Hori-Zone Security as its long-term landside security provider at the terminals’ curbside. Hori-Zone will help the airport provide higher security and safety standards for its passengers and will curb illegal commercial activities in the city transfer segment.

After a successful three month trial period, which resulted in a steady decrease in the number of passenger complaints from those who had been overcharged or even intimidated by none official transport providers, Budapest Airport has decided to sign a long-term agreement with Hori-Zone Security to continue to provide a safer and more secure environment for passengers. Hori-Zone hostesses and security guards provide information to arriving passengers about land transport providers, help queue management at the official taxi counter and also warn passengers about the risks of using unofficial transport providers.

The Airport Rules officially states that illegal commercial activities cannot be undertaken and anyone in breach of the rules will be cautioned and prosecuted to the full extent possible. Moreover when such activities result in tourist’s being cheated by those providing illegal commercial activities, this reflects negatively on the whole country. Such activities also are in breach of the Budapest City Council taxi decree. While Budapest Airport alone cannot step up against these unwanted incidents, a joint and coordinated effort by a security provider (Hori- Zone) may bring much better results in providing harassment-free arrival of air passengers to Budapest. Hiring Hori-Zone for the long term is just the first step in the action plan of the airport to combat illegal commercial activities at the terminals that endangers the travel experience of passengers and damages the business interests of legal airport service providers.