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2016-02-25 15:25:32

New tender for advertising spaces at Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport has published an invitation for tender for a 7- 10 year concession to operate the advertising sites at the airport. The airport operator is seeking companies with international experience in the sale and operation of advertising at transport hubs such as airports, railway terminals, metro lines.

The tender has been published due to the expiry of the contract concluded with the existing concessionaire in 2008. Budapest Airport is inviting bids from the Hungarian and the international market, from companies who possess both the experience and the capacity required for the sale and operation of all advertising spaces at the airport.

The tender documentation is available for 400 EUR + VAT, subject to the signing of a confidentiality statement. Requests and payment need to be received no later than 14:00 hours on 26 January 2016 in order to qualify. Please click here for more details or email advertisingtender@bud.hu .

Budapest Airport has extended the deadline for the request of tender package and fee payment deadline until the 4 pm on the 9th of February 2016.