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2014-12-30 12:30:59

Sauska wines a commercial success at Budapest Airport

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The wines of the Sauska Winery from the Villány and Tokaj regions, on offer for tasting to the passengers of Budapest Airport for a month, were a huge success, not only with travelers, but also commercially. It has become something of a tradition for Budapest Airport to present high-quality Hungarian products at the SkyCourt, as part of promotional campaigns.

Sales of the products of the Sauska Winery increased by no less than 418% in the space of a single month at Budapest Airport. As part of the latest trinity promotion (airport operator–producer–duty free shop), in July three Sauska wines (Sauska Merlot, Sauska Cuveé 7 and Sauska Birtok Furmint) were offered for tasting at the SkyCourt and twelve wines were available for purchase at the Heinemann Duty Free shops. Thus, those who liked the elegant tastes of the Sauska wines could purchase a few bottles immediately, for their own consumption, or as a present. A gift box fitting the elegant, minimalist design of the Sauska wines was also introduced, specifically for this promotion.

The Sauska Winery started out as a family business in perhaps the two most famous Hungarian wine regions, Villány, known mainly for its red wines (primarily around the village of Nagyharsány), and Tokaj (with most grape-growing areas located around the village of Mád). In the summer heat, rosé wines were understandably popular with passengers, but significant quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon, Furmint – a characteristic Hungarian variety - and of the evergreen Tokaj classic, the 5 Puttonyos Aszú were also sold. The promotion campaign received financial support from the Agricultural Marketing Center (AMC) of the Hungarian National Tourism Office, which aims to promote high-quality Hungarian food products.

“We are very satisfied with the results of this trinity promotion, which far exceeded even our most optimistic expectations,” said Ildikó Jankovich, marketing manager for Heinemann Duty Free, after reviewing the first summary reports from July. “Together with Budapest Airport and the producers of high-quality Hungarian products, we have managed to develop a commercial tool which is not only beneficial for all participants, but also provides an outstanding platform for presenting Hungaricum products, smuggling some unique Hungarian character into the international world of the airport,” she added.

“Passengers departing from Budapest were informed of the special Hungaricum promotion going on in the SkyCourt already at the check-in and passenger security screening areas, thanks to some floor to ceiling photo decorations,” explained Andrea Trencsén, head of marketing and innovation for Budapest Airport. “With this trinity promotion our primary aim was to increase the sales of Sauska wines, and, secondly, we wanted to ensure that passengers leaving Hungary take a good impression, a fantastic taste and a few bottles of great wine with them, as a memento,” she added.

“Meeting travelers directly at the airport on a daily basis was a fantastic experience for us,” emphasized Eszter Hámory, marketing manager for the Sauska Winery. “We are very proud that our wines were chosen as the main message for July, highlighting that Hungarian wines are exciting, and it is worth traveling beyond Budapest, to Tokaj and Villány, to discover them,” she added.