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2012-03-20 08:44:49

Terminal 1 of Budapest Airport continues operations until further notice

A decision regarding the temporary closure of Terminal 1 at Budapest Airport has been made but the closure date has not yet been identified.

Temporary closure of Terminal 1 and migrating airlines to Terminal 2 is currently being finalised by Budapest Airport and as soon as the final decision and timing is made our passengers will be informed via airlines and via communication channels of Budapest Airport (bud.hu, facebook, twitter) and also via the media. Until details are released of the migration and temporary closure plan, all existing Terminal 1 operations will remain in Terminal 1. It is expected that a further communication will be made by the 31st March 2012.

We kindly advise our passengers that the latest up to date information concerning flight departures are available from Budapest Airport’s official website which covers all departures within a 48 hour time horizon.

Further more we will continuously update our check-in page as well where the check-in information can be seen per airline.