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New traffic management concept

Budapest Airport Ltd. introduced its new traffic management concept as of 10 December 2013. As part of this, the free initial grace period is only provided for vehicles entering our car parks during the first 2 entries per day. As of the third entry (to any car park), fees apply. (Any user entering the airport car parks more than 2 times per day is considered a professional user, and therefore as of the third entry per day, fees apply from the moment of entry.) The applicable fees are the same as the fees published in our Parking subpage.

However, legitimate taxis registered under BKK Ltd., adhering to the Airport Rules and to the rules of using the Drop-off and Pickup Points will be treated by Budapest Airport Ltd. as an exception to the above new traffic management concept, that is, they will continue to enjoy unlimited times per day the free grace period at Premium Parking, subject to the following undertakings:

1. Taxi drivers will comply with the provisions of the document entitled Airport Rules published on Budapest Airport Ltd.’s website, and also with the traffic and parking regulations at the Airport.
2. The Drop-off and Pickup Points are passenger pickup and drop-off points dedicated solely to Other Taxi Entrepreneurs arriving at the Airport with passengers and to Other Taxi Entrepreneurs arriving on order.
3. Drivers may not leave their vehicles at the Drop-off and Pickup Points, except when helping their pre-booked passengers embark or disembark from the vehicle, in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.
4. Taxis may not park in spaces reserved for other specific vehicles (e.g. bus, rent-a-car, etc.) and generally must use any parking places at the Airport in line with the corresponding terms and conditions.
5. Taxi drivers or any other persons acting on their behalf or delegated by them may not conduct commercial activities within the area of the Airport other than fulfillment of customer orders on a pre-booked basis or dropping off their passengers at the Airport. For the avoidance of doubt, such drivers or any other persons acting on their behalf or delegated by them are prohibited from soliciting for any business whilst at the Airport.
6. The interval between two consecutive entries to the Airport car parks (any car park closed by barriers) shall be at least ½ (half) hour.
7. Taxi drivers undertake to provide to BKK Ltd. and to Budapest Airport Ltd. all data and information which does not infringe their rightful business interests and secrets, in the interest of controlling the proper and regular use of the airport roads.

Vehicles breaching any of the undertakings from 1 to 7 above will be permanently deleted from the list of exceptions to the new traffic management concept by Budapest Airport Ltd. and reported to BKK Ltd.

BKK Ltd. provides to Budapest Airport Ltd. once until the 5th (fifth) day of each month an updated list containing the legitimate taxis registered under BKK Ltd. in the previous month. Budapest Airport Ltd. refreshes the database of the Airport’s parking system once until the 14th (fourteenth) day of each month according to the data received from BKK Ltd. Those license plates that are permanently deleted from the list of exceptions to the new traffic management concept are not reincorporated in the list.