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Fast Track service

The Fast Track Lane is a mediated service for travel agency partners.

With a Fast Track voucher, passengers are entitled to use a dedicated lane during security screening, where they can undergo the necessary security check without queuing, or with a waiting time of 1-2 minutes during peak periods.
The Fast Track service makes the journey more comfortable for passengers, especially during the peaks, when they do not have to queue for longer periods prior to security screening.

It is important to note that the Fast Track Lane in no way means that security screening will be less thorough, but that passengers do not have to wait in line for longer periods. It is also important to emphasize that Fast Track vouchers only provide priority for passengers during security screening; priority boarding at the boarding gates is performed by the relevant airline, or its ground handling partner.
Fast Track Lane

Vouchers are offered for sale to travel agencies for a price of 2.5 EUR+VAT, and our partners may sell them to their customers for a price of at least 5 EUR or 1500 HUF. The vouchers are sold in blocks of 10 pieces, but travel agencies may sell them to passengers piece by piece. There is no limitation on the validity of the vouchers, so it is worth purchasing a large batch at the same time.

The vouchers can be taken over in person at our office on the mezzanine level of Terminal 2A against a proof of receipt (during working hours), or, in case of orders by email, the vouchers are sent by post together with the proof of receipt, which is to be returned to the postal address specified.

Invoicing is performed in all cases on the basis of the proof of receipt. Invoices are to be paid by bank transfer. In case of postal orders, please specify the postal address of the travel agency, and the company information necessary for invoicing.

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