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Budapest Airport Green Partner Program - Join us for a green future

Budapest Airport launched its partnership initiative called Greenairport Program in the summer of 2015. The program was established for organizations operating at Hungary’s premier international airport to work together with the operator on further reducing the environmental impacts of the airport.

In accordance with the above, the objective of the initiative is for companies operating at the airport to discuss their environmental protection and sustainability activities, to coordinate such tasks on a regular basis and to define joint objectives for sustainable operation and environmental protection.

The program is built on innovation, cooperation and joint action. Accordingly, it assists, recognizes and encourages airport companies and professionals who are proactive on the environment:
- Provides an opportunity for joint thinking and action
- Facilitates the sharing of knowledge and experience
- Supports the implementation of measures to improve environmental performance.

The program focuses primarily on climate protection, as the most significant environmental issue associated with aviation, thereby also facilitating the fulfillment of the commitments made in the international airport carbon accreditation program. Thus, the main aim of the program is to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, i.e. the carbon footprint of the airport, by means of the following measures:
- Reducing energy consumption at the airport
- Creating opportunities for the use of renewable energy sources
- Developing electric mobility,
- Expanding selective waste collection at the airport.

The most important message behind the cooperation of the affected stakeholders is that one of the powerhouses of the Hungarian economy, as a whole, is committed to responsible corporate operation and environmental protection, and, accordingly, wishes to jointly strengthen the trust of its partners and to win recognition from Hungarian society.

The conditions of accession to the program
The Greenairport Program is open to all companies and organizations which are ready to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and other environmental impacts of the airport.

Thus, any airport organizations may join the program if they:
- Are operating at the airport,
- Have an impact on the environmental performance of the airport,
- Undertake to share, once a year, the environmental data required for international certification,
- Undertake to implement environmental measures to help further reduce carbon dioxide emissions at the airport, and to draft a report thereof every year.

The benefits of accession
The exemplary cooperation initiative that is the Greenairport Program will be supported by intensive external cooperation activities. The program’s own name and logo are important tools of communication, which highlight our joint objectives and commitment towards our key business partners, political decision-makers, local communities and Hungarian society as a whole.

In addition to the communication of the joint program, accession carries the following benefits:
- Regular information on the environmental performance of the airport, and related opportunities
- Quarterly meetings between the partners, to exchange experiences
- Access to environmental training and communication material
- Joint media events relating to environmental developments
- Participation at Budapest Airport’s Annual Award Ceremony
- Professional support for the organization’s environmental measures, from launch to implementation.

We evaluate partners’ environmental initiatives once a year. The best solutions will be recognized during BUD’s annual Aviation Gala event.

Contact: greenairport@bud.hu

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