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A bite of Christmas Fair

This year a very special atmosphere welcomes passengers at the SkyCourt from 1 December until the Christmas holidays, so that it should be even more worthwhile arriving early at the airport. Similarly to many other locations in the city, Budapest Airport treats travelers to something of a Christmas fair.

KArácsonyi Vásár

The winter atmosphere, the wooden hut characteristic of Christmas markets in the middle of the SkyCourt and the enticing smell of gingerbread and chimney cake all contribute to the festive preparations and add to a special experience before departure.
KArácsonyi Vásár

Passengers who make a purchase in any shop or restaurant until 23 December during the period of the promotion receive a piece of freshly made gingerbread or chimney cake as a gift, if they show their receipt to the hostesses, so that they can evoke the special winter tastes of Hungary during their flights.
Karácsonyi Vásár

Those who make a purchase in any two shops or restaurants receive a unique Christmas ornament to decorate their Christmas tree when they get home. A large number of gifts are expected to be handed out this year, as the shops and restaurants are offering great deals during the festive period, to ensure that travelers can find the surprises they were seeking for their loved ones before boarding.
karácsonyi vásár

Budapest Airport once again helps passengers prepare for Christmas by gift-wrapping items purchased at the terminal, also offering mulled-wine flavored tea for the moments of waiting.
Budapest Airport wishes a merry Christmas to all of its passengers!
Promotional period: 1-23 December.
Karácsonyi vásár
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