Terms and Conditions



1.1 This General Terms and Conditions (GTC) is to regulate the general terms of reservation of and payment for car parking spaces at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (Budapest Airport) through an online booking engine at www.bud.hu and its subpages at parkolo.bud.hu operated by the service provider.

1.2 The service provider is Budapest Airport Zrt., operator of Budapest Airport with a registered seat at H-1185 Budapest, BUD Nemzetközi Repülőtér and registered under no. 01-10-044665 with individual tax id. 12724163-4-44; group tax id.: 17781145-5-44

1.3 The description of the area available for parking under this GTC is available at http://www.bud.hu/english/passengers/access_and_parking/parking/parking-terminal-2.-10923.html. Premium parking is not available online.

1.4 Once a reservation is confirmed according to the procedure under this GTC, the contract for the reservation is concluded and the service provider is committed to provide parking at Budapest Airport to the customer at the time requested by the customer. The parking spaces reserved are unspecified.

1.5 This GTC is applicable from 1 April 2013 and remain in force for an indefinite period of time. The service provider shall have the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of this GTC at any time. Acceptance of this GTC by the customer is a pre-condition to complete the customer’s booking.

1.6 This GTC is applicable to customers as defined in art. 2 (a) of Act CLV of 1997 on consumer protection.

1.7 Matters unregulated in this GTC are governed by the Airport Regulation and the relevant laws of Hungary and requirements from the competent authorities.

1.8 The different categories of products and the corresponding gate prices are available at http://www.bud.hu/english/passengers/access_and_parking/parking/parking-terminal-2.-10923.html. Online prices are subject to change and quotes provided are valid at the time of booking only.

1.9 The terms of using Budapest Airport’s car parks are subject to different terms and conditions available at http://www.bud.hu/english/passengers/access_and_parking/parking/parking-terminal-2.-10923.html.

1.10 Customer service is available in email at puo@bud.hu.


2.1 Parking spaces are available for booking online at www.bud.hu and its subpages at parkolo.bud.hu.

2.2 One parking space can be booked in one session. Reservation of parking spaces is subject to the capacity of Budapest Airport’s car parks.

2.3 When booking the parking space the customer must specify the time of entry to the car park and the time of exit from the car park.

2.4 Parking spaces must be booked at least 12 hours but not earlier than 12 months before the time of entry specified in the reservation.

2.5 No reservation can be made for a period less than 24 hours and more than 60 days.

2.6 Extension of the booked period pursuant to section 2.4 and 2.5 can only be made if parking spaces are available for the entire duration of the desired period of extension.

2.7 When booking and payment have been completed, this is confirmed by a printable on-screen receipt showing booking number and receipt of payment. A booking receipt is also sent to the customer’s e-mail address in PDF format. The service provider keeps this information on file but customers must print the receipt sent to them by e-mail in PDF format and are recommended to save it. If at any time the customer should so require, a copy of the receipt can be obtained through Returning customer panel under section Manage My bookings.

2.8 Booking is binding, and a final agreement is concluded between the parties once the customer has received the confirmation.


3.1 Parking at Budapest Airport is subject to a parking fee, the amount of which is valid at the time of booking only and it depends on the customer’s selection parameters

3.2 The parking fee is paid immediately when the customer makes the booking.

3.3 The parking fee can be paid by the following bank cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express.

3.4 When paying by credit card, customers are required to provide card type, name of card holder, card number, expiry date and security code.

3.5 The service provider keeps the credit card information on file from the time of booking until parking at Budapest Airport has ended. The credit card information is then deleted from the service provider’s system.

3.6 The customer has the right to request a VAT invoice after having successfully completed the online booking process. To request it, the customer shall send on the day of booking the contact details (company name, company tax id, EU Tax id (optional), post code, city, address) and the booking receipt by e-mail to vatprebooking@bud.hu. The service provider will issue an electronic VAT invoice, which is sent to can be picked up by the customer’s e-mail address.

3.7 If the car is picked up before the period booked has expired the customer will not receive a refund for the period during which the parking space has not been used.

3.8 If, for whatever reason, the customer fails to pick up the car before or upon expiry of the period booked, a parking fee will be charged in accordance with the applicable gate rates for the specific category of car park from expiry of the period booked until the car has been picked up. Any difference in the parking fee resulting from the customer’s failure to pick up the car in due time will be charged when the customer exits car park.

3.9 If the customer fails to appear at any time during the entire period booked, the customer will not be entitled to a refund of the parking fee paid for the period the customer did not use the car park. The customer’s booking will be automatically deleted if the customer fails to appear within 24 hours after the entry time specified in the customer’s booking.


4.1 The earliest time the customer can enter the car park based on the customer’s booking and the availability of the booked parking space is guaranteed to him/her is 4 hours before the time specified in the customer’s booking.

4.2 Before entering the car park the service provider’s system will recognize the customer’s license plate number submitted during the booking process and issue the parking ticket accordingly. If the customer’s license plate number is not recognized after 10 seconds for any reason entry is permitted and ticket is handed out based on presenting the bar code on the confirmation received by the customer under section 2.7 above at the entry device.

4.3 The customer’s use of the parking space is from the actual time the customer enters the car park until the customer exits the car park.

4.4 Customer shall not push the entry button at the entry device in order to extract an entry ticket as by doing so he/she will not be recognized as a prebooking customer therefore gate prices will apply. No refund will be provided in such a case.


5.1 The customer’ allowance to cancel or amend its booking is subject to the chosen product at the time of booking. The cancellation and modification conditions of each available product are shown in the “more info” link at the time of booking, including the applicable fees. In all cases, no cancellations or amendments are allowed after 12 hours before the entry date/time specified in the booking.

5.2 To cancel or amend the booking, the customer must enter the username and password in the “Returning Customer” section of parkolo.bud.hu. If refunds apply, the amount due will subsequently be transferred automatically to the credit card used to make the booking within 30 days from cancellation or amendment.

5.3 The system treats an amendment as a cancellation, the original booking will be deleted and a new booking will be created.

Complaints regarding the service under this GTC must be to the points of contact under section 1.10 above.

The service provider’s liability for breach of the terms hereunder shall be limited to direct damages (indirect or consequential damages as well as loss of profit are expressly is excluded) but subject to mandatory Hungarian laws.

If delivery of the service hereunder is delayed or rendered impossible due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the service provider’s control including, but not limited to, war, acts of terrorism (including threats of terrorism), fire, strikes, closure of part or entirety of Budapest Airport and/or natural disasters, the service provider has no liability whatsoever for such delay or exclusion of the service beyond refund of the corresponding amount of the parking fee.


9.1 The general terms of handling the customers’ data are available at http://www.bud.hu/english/passengers/contact/privacy_policy in English and at http://www.bud.hu/utazas/kapcsolat/adatkezelesi_szabalyzat in Hungarian.

9.2 In connection with booking of and payment for parking spaces with the Service Provider, the customer must disclose his/her name, car license plate number, e-mail address and credit card data. Such information is used internally by the service provider in order to process the payment and will be deleted within 1 year from completion of the booking unless another booking is made and open at that time. (except for credit card as stated in 3.5) No data will be kept if the booking process is not completed.

9.3 The data is required in order to complete a booking, but customers can at any time abort the booking if they do not wish to provide the information required.

9.4 The data received will not be used for any purpose other than order processing and will not be passed on to third parties. Credit card data will, however, be passed on to OTP Bank NYRT. for the purpose of processing the payment.
9.5 The service provider will keep the customer’s e-mail address without linkage with to any of your personal information for statistical purposes to enhance its service.

9.6 Customers are always entitled to access information obtained about them and are entitled to have inaccurate or misleading information corrected or deleted.

9.7 Any questions about personal data collected must be to the contact points under section 1.10 above.


The laws of Hungary shall govern all questions arising in relation to the interpretation of this GTC and the rights and obligations of the service provider and the customer.


All disputes arising from or in connection with this service provider, its breach, termination, validity or interpretation, shall be exclusively decided by the competent courts of Hungary.


This GTC has been prepared in English and Hungarian. In case of any discrepancy, the Hungarian version shall prevail.
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