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Hand baggage

Check-in staff are also in charge of deciding whether a piece of baggage qualifies as hand baggage and can thus be taken on board aircraft.

General rules

Check-in staff are entitled to decide which pieces of baggage qualify as hand baggage and may thus be taken on board, and which may not. Although airlines may have different regulations of their own, the generally accepted maximum size of hand baggage is 115 cm (e.g. 23 cm by 41 cm by 51 cm), with a maximum weight of 3-5 kg. If check-in agents judge the piece of baggage to be too large or too heavy, it must be transported as hold baggage. Only baggage checked in advance by check-in staff may be taken on board aircraft as hand baggage.


In accordance with international security regulations, liquids may only be taken on board aircraft in small quantities and in special packing. If possible, you are advised to pack liquids (creams, gels, oils, fats) into your hold baggage.

Liquids required for use during the flight may be taken on board in storage containers of maximum 100 milliliters each, which must be placed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum volume of 1 liter. Liquids stored in containers exceeding 100 milliliters are confiscated by security staff and destroyed.

Advice for packing

Sharp or dangerous items (e.g. pocket knives, knives, scissors, manicure kits, needles, rasps, dress daggers, any thrusting or cutting tools or ornaments, acidic batteries, heat-generating devices, etc.) must be packed in hold baggage, since such items may not be taken on board with you under any circumstances.

Pack into your hand baggage items you may need during the flight, such as a book, medication or tissues. Never pack travel documents in your hold baggage.

Shopping in the transit area

After security screening, the checking of clothing and hand baggage, passengers enter the transit area, where they are free to buy items in the shops and restaurants. Products purchased here, including liquids, may be taken on board aircraft as they had already undergone security screening.