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What is the weight limit for baggage per person? Does a baby carriage qualify as hand baggage? What items can/cannot be taken on board? All important information is given below.

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  • * Baggage of a pre-determined weight per person may be checked in as hold baggage for a flight, with weight limits varying by airline
  • * Hand baggage of pre-determined weight and dimensions may be taken on board, with limits also varying by airline
  • * Sharp items may only be transported in hold baggage
  • * Baby carriages and wheelchairs have to be checked in as hold baggage
  • * Lost baggage has to be reported in the arrivals transit area.
Baggage check-in
Baggage is also checked in at the check-in counter during ticket validation. A nametag available from check-in staff needs to be attached to all pieces of hold baggage. To ensure greater security for hold baggage, items can be wrapped in foil for a fee in the passenger hall, which also serves the purpose of protecting the condition of the given bag.

The weight limit for hold baggage is determined by the given carrier, and relevant information can be found on the website of the airline. A fee for the number of excess kilograms has to be paid if the weight limit is exceeded, the extent of which depends on the distance of the destination. A boarding pass will only be issued once the passenger has paid the fee for excess baggage.

The necessary markings are attached to hold baggage during check-in by check-in staff. Bags which cannot be transported on the baggage belt (e.g. sports equipment, baby carriages, musical instruments, etc.) will be delivered to the aircraft by loaders. Hold baggage also undergoes security screening. If any items requiring closer inspection are discovered by security staff during screening, the owner of the bag will be escorted back to the checkpoint and asked to open the item. Its contents will be inspected in the presence of the owner.

Hand baggage
Check-in staff are also in charge of deciding whether a piece of baggage qualifies as hand baggage and can thus be taken on board aircraft. Although rules may vary by airline, hand baggage of a size of 115 cm (e.g. 23 cm by 41 cm by 51 cm) is generally accepted, with the weight limit being somewhere between 3 and 10 kilograms. If hand baggage is oversized or is too heavy, it will have to be checked in with the rest of hold baggage. It is advised to pack sharp metal objects (scissors, pocket knife, etc.) in hold baggage, since according to the security regulations, these cannot be taken on board aircraft. Only baggage inspected by check-in staff and fitted with a “cabin” label are allowed to be taken on board aircraft. Items required for the flight, such as a book, medication or tissues should be packed in hand baggage.

Special items
Oversized musical instruments (cello) not qualifying as hand baggage can only be taken on board if a separate ticket is purchased, since a separate seat will be required for their transportation. A separate label is attached to. Baby carriage, wheel-chairs during check-in, and these can be used up until the door of the aircraft. From there, these items are packed into the cargo hold and are then returned to the door of the aircraft upon arrival. It is also possible to transport live animals by aircraft. Live animals (cats, dogs) can be taken on board up to a weight of 5 kilograms, in a special bag or box suitable for transporting animals, for which an excess baggage fee has to be paid for the full weight. If their weight exceeds 5 kilograms, live animals can only be transported in the cargo hold and an excess baggage fee must be paid.

Dangerous items
Certain objects and substances may endanger aviation safety and thus may not be carried. Other objects on the other hand are prohibited on board aircraft for passenger security reasons and can only be transported in hold baggage. Yet another set of objects, such as ammunition or sports weapons, can only be transported with extreme caution, in line with applicable rules. Additional relevant information can be found under the security section.

Non-transportable items

Some objects and materials endanger the security of aviation and thus may not even be transported in hold baggage. For example, welding torches, cartridges for siphon bottles, Scripto View lighters, camping gas equipment and friction matches may not be transported on board aircraft at all.

Dangerous materials

Paints, alcohol, gas oil, lighter gas, all liquids with a flash point of less than 150 F (65 °C) , flammable liquids, diving cylinders or any other pressurized cylinders, etc., will qualify as dangerous materials. Special rules apply to the aerial transportation of such items; please contact your airline for details. Check-in staff have the right to reject any object which does not comply with requirements for the transportation of dangerous materials.

Only arms bags which bear a clearly visible label showing FIREARMS UNLOADED may be used to transport arms. A maximum of 5 kg of ammunitions may be checked in as baggage in appropriate packing, i.e. in a shock-resistant box. It is advisable to inquire at your carrier’s customer service in advance about the relevant rules, which may vary from airline to airline.

Lost baggage
If your baggage does not arrive at the destination, this does not mean that it has been permanently lost. Often, they simply miss the flight, but arrive on one of the subsequent flights, since the destination is indicated on the label attached. The work of baggage search personnel is aided by a computer network system. Compensation is paid in relation to baggage that is lost, damaged or is of incomplete contents. Lost baggage can be reported in the arrivals transit area, or after passport control, in the Lost and Found office located in the baggage reclaim area. Records are taken of the reported lost item. Baggage delivered late or subsequently found is delivered at the passenger’s request to the designated address.

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