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Passenger rights

Airlines have a legal obligation to inform you about your rights and where to complain.

Denied boarding

You may be entitled to compensation between € 125 and € 600 depending on fl ight distance and the delays incurred when rerouted.

Long delays

You may request a refund of your ticket if the delay exceeds fi ve hours, but only if you decide not to travel.


Financial compensation is due unless you were informed 14 days before the fl ight, or you were rerouted close to your original times, or the airline can prove that the cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Assistance by airlines

Depending on the circumstances, if you are denied boarding or your fl ight is cancelled or delayed, you may be entitled to receive assistance (catering, communications, and an overnight stay if necessary). In the event of denied boarding or cancellation, you
may be offered the option of continuing your trip or a refund of your ticket.

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