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Call points

Persons with reduced mobility (PRM) may indicate their arrival at the airport and request assistance by means of the call points.

Call points are available at T2A and T2B terminals and at 2 locations in Terminal Parking, shown with the following icon:

Call points are equipped with cameras and microphones. Thus, upon signaling, the employees of AMS Assistance Kft. indicate receipt of the call and their arrival at the call point in question.

At the call points there are separate buttons for hearing-impaired / deaf and mute passengers,

visually impaired and disabled passengers.


At Terminal 2 there are call points on the departure level in front of the terminal buildings, both at Terminals 2A and 2B, and in the departure transit areas and in the Terminal Parking.

How to use the contact points:

1./ All contact points are equipped with audio and camera systems.
2./ To operate the contact point, press the button next to the appropriate pictogram.
3./ Separate buttons are available to request assistance for deaf / hearing impaired passengers and visually impaired passengers / persons with reduced mobility.
4./ Upon pressing the appropriate button, a signal is transmitted to the dispatch center, and then an audio and a visual connection is established between the caller and the dispatcher.
5./ Upon pressing the button, the contact point first reacts with an automatic, recorded message: “Please wait”.
Please wait at the contact point during the recorded message, until live contact with the dispatcher is established.
6./ After confirming the receipt of the request for assistance, the dispatcher will inform you about the next steps.

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Call points

Persons with reduced mobility (PRM) may indicate their arrival at the airport and request assistance by means of the call points. More »

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You can use the disability service no matter which airline you travel on. More »

Where are the parking spaces dedicated for persons with reduced mobility located? Is parking provided free of charge for PRMs?

The spaces located closest to the terminal building are dedicated to persons with reduced mobility in the car parks at Budapest Airport. In the Terminal Car Park we provide 1 hour free of charge for passengers holding a valid disabled parking permit. The discount can be requested at the customer service office located in the middle of the car park.

About the assistance service

AMS Assistance Kft. provides assistance to persons with reduced mobility (PRMs) at Budapest Airport. More »

Service requirements

Based on regulation 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council, when formulating its system of requirements, Budapest Airport fully took into account internationally recognized policies and codes of conduct applicable to facilitating travel for persons with reduced mobility (PRM passengers). More »

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