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Beijing 2016/09/16


3+1 reasons why one should travel to Beijing
1. Far away, yet close by
2. All in one place
3. Vibrant urban life
3+1. Culture
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Lyon 2016/09/16


Gallic mysticism at a few hours’ distance
1. Gastronomy supreme
2. Everyone’s town
3. History in the walls
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Paris 2016/09/16


Paris is an ideal choice for all, because the French capital offers programs for all generations.
1. A relaxing vacation
2. Vibrant night life
3. Family program
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Dublin 2016/09/16


An absolute bucket-list item: Dublin
Famed for its historical heritage and merry atmosphere, Dublin is one of the favorite destinations of globetrotters. So when in town, make sure you:
• have a taste of the special local dishes and drinks;
• spend some time in a traditional local pub
• get out of town
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