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Baggage trolley service

As of 15 May 2013, Budapest Airport is replacing all of its baggage trolleys, and is introducing a completely new system with regard to this service.

Instead of the old, worn-down baggage trolleys, much reduced in number over the years, 300 brand new, modern trolleys with a new design will be installed at Terminal 2 of Budapest Airport. The new trolleys will be lightweight and of a more appropriate size, making them easier to maneuver.

Another new feature is that the baggage trolleys will be available to passengers in storage rails installed specifically for this purpose in four locations at the airport; in the baggage reclaim areas of Terminals 2A and 2B and in the Terminal Car Park, near the walkways leading to the terminal building. Similarly to numerous other airports, the use of baggage trolleys will operate in a rental system going forward. The dispenser machines placed next to the storage rails will only allow passengers to take a trolley once the rental fee has been paid. The fee for the use of baggage trolleys will be 300 HUF or 1 EUR. This revenue will ensure the continuous supply and maintenance of the trolleys, so that the system can operate in a sustainable way with high service quality. Initially, the machines only accept coins and banknotes, but soon they will also take credit cards.

Trolleys not returned to the storage rails by passengers after use will continue to be collected by the competent staff members, so that the service can be provided on a continuous basis at all four dispenser points.
Points of distribution on the airrivals level in the baggage reclaim areas:

Points of distribution in the Terminal car park: