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VIP and Lounge services

Malév Ground Handling VIP FAST CHECK-IN service

This is the fastest way to travel. Passenger has to arrive at the airport just 45 minutes prior to departure.

What do we offer in VIP Fast Check-in service package?

* VIP hostess escort
* priority check-in
* priority security check through Fast Lane channel
* VIP bus transport between the terminal and the aircraft upon arrival or departure

More information and booking:

Tel.: +36 70 949 96 56; + 36 70 669 76 24
e-mail: lounges@magh.hu; fastcheckin@magh.hu

SkyCourt Lounge – Malév Ground Handling

The location of the Airport’s biggest (270 m2) SkyCourt Lounge is simple great. You can find it on the gallery level of the newly built SkyCourt shopping and foodcourt area at Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Terminal 2.

Our pleasant, calm SkyCourt Lounge provides its guests with following „all inclusive” services :

* complimentary food & beverages
* complimentary Hungarian and foreign daily newspapers and magazines
* free Wi-Fi
* mobile charger
* Business Corner (computer, fax & printer)
* TV
* care for disabled passengers

Our well-trained staff is more than happy to assist you. Please turn to them with your questions, problems.
Opening hours:
Monday: 05:00-22:00
Tuesday: 05:00-23:30
Wednesday: 05:00-21:00
Thursday: 05:00-23:30
Friday: 05:00-22:00
Saturday: 05:00-23.30
Sunday: 05:00-23:30

More information:
+36 1 296 73 70

CELEBI – Platinum service

Celebi’s Platinum Service offers personalized services, including airport transfer, ticket and baggage handling. Baggage is carried by porters and passengers are assisted by hostesses if necessary. Celebi transports travelers to the aircraft with a VIP bus.

The Platinum lounge in the transit area at terminal A and B awaits passengers with exclusive services: tranquil surroundings, business corner, internet access, TV, photocopier and fax.

The VIP room of the private flights terminal near Terminal 1 is available for meetings in a peaceful and pleasant environment. The lounge, able to accommodate thirteen people, is equally suitable for meetings and for recreation.

More information: Celebi

Telefon: +36-1-296-5933
E-mail: platinum@celebi.hu

T2B Celebi lounge
T2B Celebi lounge
T2A Celebi lounge
T2A Celebi lounge

MasterCard Lounge

MasterCard premium card holders -–with their partner and children -– can enjoy exlusive services of the high-level lounge placed on the second floor of Sky Court building on terminal 2.

Each premium (Gold, Platinum, World) MasterCard personal card issued in Hungary entitles its owner to free access to the exclusive lounge.

Entering with guests:
Platinum MasterCard and World Elite MasterCard card holders may bring one guest and his/her own children under 18 years old free of charge. Further guests may use the services of MasterCard Lounge for an entrance fee of 3000 Forints per person accompaniing the holder of a Platinum MasterCard or World Elite MasterCard card.

Gold MasterCard and World MasterCard cards
If you are Gold/Arany MasterCard or World MasterCard card holder, you may bring one guest/relative for an entrance fee of 3000 Forints. You can bring your own children under 2 years free of charge.

MasterCard Lounge welcomes it’s guests with comfortable, acoustically and visually separated armchairs to ensure the best circumstances for working, relaxing or reading. Free WiFi – wireless internet connection – and two computers are available for holders of premium MasterCard cards. Guests of MasterCard Lounge might try the ampering massage chairs or can read selected hungarian orinternational papers, magazines while sittingin the comfortable seats. Buffet service is availableduringopeninghours – 5:30 am – 7:30 pm every day - with a widerange of bevarages, drinks and food free of charge.

Find more information on entering with premium MasterCard® cards issued outside of Hungary, as well as the terms and conditions of using the Lounge services, at mastercard.hu/lounge.

E-mail: mclounge@malev.hu

Executive Lounge

The Executive Lounge offers immediate, private check-in in the luxury environment of the Terminal 2B landside of Budapest Airport, stress-free travel and no waiting at counters. A major advantage lies in the significant time savings you’ll experience while you’re at the airport, along with maximum convenience and comfort prior to the departure or arrival of your aircraft. The service will provide you with an exceptional start to your journey. Additional special requests can be negotiated. Maximum capacity of the lounge is 4 + 2 persons.

The Executive Lounge may be reserved online, by telephone or via e-mail at least 24 hours before departure.

The Executive Lounge provides: immediate and private check-in of both passengers and luggage, escort directly to the boarding gates and separate boarding for departure, transportation directly from the aircraft upon arrival and delivery of luggage to the Lounge, individual care by our Agent, privacy and comfort of a luxurious environment, all-inclusive refreshments including service (alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and snacks), TV, Wi-Fi, newspapers, door-to-door VIP Shuttle with chauffeur (in Budapest), meeting room and conference room, optional accompaniment of persons who are not travelling.

E-mail: info@vipbud.hu