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The city of Hamburg lies on the banks of the river Elbe.
Hamburg is the second largest city of Germany and the commercial and cultural centre of Northern Germany.
There are more than 2300 bridges in Hamburg – more than in Venice and Amsterdam put together.

Miniature Wunderland
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Month High Low Precipitation
January 4°C -2°C 53 mm
February 6°C -2°C 49 mm
March 12°C 1°C 39 mm


The “Michel“ – The symbol of Hamburg :
The St. Michaelis – built between 1751 and 1762 – is not only one of the most significant baroque churches of Northern Germany, but it also has the largest clock tower in Germany: its clock face is more than 24 metres wide. Its tower, the “Michel“ is 132 metres tall, and has a lookout on the top, from where one can admire the port and the city. The bells of the church are rung between 10 am and 9 pm every day. Everyday at 12:00 there is a magnificent organ concert in the church. The surrounding area of the „Michel” is also full of history: the Krameramtsstuben (Grocers’ Institute houses) are the last remaining example of a formerly typical Hamburg residential complex from the 17th century. The nearby KomponistenQuartier (composer’s quarter) is an ensemble of museums dedicated to famous musicians such as Brahms, Telemann and Bach.

The Hamburg Rathaus (City Hall)::
When the city hall burned down completely in 1842, the council temporarily – for 55 years! - moved to provisional buildings. The new city hall was handed over in 1897. It has 647 rooms, and it stands on more than 4000 oak pillars. Completely contrary to the style of Hanseatic cities, the city hall has a luxurious facade, decorated with as many as 20 statues of emperors. Above the main entrance the following sentence can be read in Latin: “The descendants want to preserve worthily the freedom their ancestors won for them.”

Jungfernstieg :
The „Jungfernstieg” has been Hamburg’s main pedestrian shopping street for a long time. It is located at the Alster, which was created as early as the 13th century by damming the little Alster river and its even smaller feeder rivers. In the old days families used to walk here on Sundays to present their unmarried daughters („Jungfern”). Today it is all about shopping, filled with huge department stores and the best boutiques. Visitors should also take the chance to go on a boat trip around the Alster and have a look on the impressing mansions at the waterside.

The Port of Hamburg (Hamburger Hafen) and the historical Speicherstadt::
The Hamburg harbor on one hand is Germany’s largest container port. On the other hand it also is the touristic heart of Hamburg and a major cruise ship port of call. Each year Hamburg’s biggest event, the Harbor Birthday (Hafengeburtstag) on the first weekend in May draws more than a million visitors. In the odd years the Hamburg Cruise host an impressive armada of cruise liners and the port entirely appears in blue light. One of the main attractions of Hamburg’s harbor is the historic Speicherstadt. Being the world’s largest connecting warehouse complex, the district was announced a UNESCO World Heritage in July 2015.

The old Elbe tunnel (Alter Elbtunnel):
The Alter Elbtunnel leads to the eastern part of the port. Its construction started in 1907. The Alter Elbtunnel consists of two concrete tubes, 426.5 metres long each and is open to pedestrians and bikers. The two tunnels run 3 metres below the river bed of the Elbe which is 12 metres deep there. The walls are covered with tiles and decorated with reliefs. Traffic is one-way in the two tubes, both for cars and pedestrians.

The Reeperbahn/St. Pauli :
One can find everything in St. Pauli: commerce and erotics, Döners and Asian buffets, yuppie bars and punk discos, long established residents and Turkish families, fashion victims and the ones who stand out from the crowd, the „FC St. Pauli“ football club, and the Hafenstraße. In the quarter of St. Pauli one can find – and not just as a street name – the “Great Freedom”. St. Pauli is full of culture; the „St. Pauli Theater” and the famous „Schmidt’s Tivoli” with its musical „Heiße Ecke” tell about the colourful life in the St. Pauli district and are always worth a visit.

HarbourCity and Elbphilharmonie(Hamburg concert hall) :
The HarbourCity (HafenCity) is an architectural and cultural delight, where tradition meets modernity. Located next to the Speicherstadt, the whole area offers great impressions, combining historical characteristics and futuristical approaches. Recently, a new cultural and urban landmark called „Elbphilharmonie” acts as the new symbol for Hamburg. In the future, this spectacular concert hall targets classical music culture, music of the 21st century and sophsiticated light music. The opening will take place in January 2017.

State Opera (Staatsoper) & Komponistenquartier: :
The State Opera of Hamburg is a highly appreciated venue, which is valued for representing breathtaking culture. The oldest opera house of Germany invites for splendid premiers of classical music and brilliant ballet. Kent Nagano has been announced musical conductor and director of the State Opera and the Philharmonic State Orchestra in 2015.

The city’s relevance for classical music in Europe has profoundly been influenced through the famous Hamburg-born composerJohannes Brahms. Brahms influenced the classical music landscape in Hamburg with his incomparable music pieces, still highly recognized in today’s classical music scene. The historical world and music tradition of Hamburg’s famous composers are presented in the lively atmosphere of the historical Komponistenquartier, located around the corner of St. Michaelis church.

Miniature Wunderland

This attraction is the world’s largest railway exhibition. The 1300 trains with nearly 20.000 railway wagons, 330.000 trees, 400.000 figures, 10.000 cars, 20.000 metres of track, 6000 buildings and bridges, were set up in minute detail. In this superlative model landscape, one witnesses realistic railway operations which are entirely computer-controlled. There is even day and night in the railway world – taking place every 15 minutes.

Concerts and events

Artist/Event Date
Ellie Goulding 21 January 2016
Sarah Connor 3 March 2016
Scooter 5 March 2016
Scorpions 21 March 2016
Togetherfest 2016 29 February 2016

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