In the attraction of two wine regions – Sauska wines in SkyCourt

In July, one of the busiest months of the summer peak, further wine regions are presented in the joint trinity promotion of Budapest Airport and Heinemann.

Sauska a SkyCourtban

This time, Sauska winery – easy to recognize by both its excellent wines and minimalist bottle design – is introduced in SkyCourt where customers can taste some exquisite wines from the vineyards of the brand in Villány and Tokaj in July. The deliciously rich Cuvée 13, the ‘5 puttonyos’ [five-butt] Aszú desert wine, and Birtok [Estate] Furmint are all very nice to taste before boarding and also make great gifts – juts like the rest of the wines offered by Sauska.
All through July, Birtok Furmint is on sale at a 30% discount in the Heinemann Duty Free stores in the terminal.

Sauska a Skycourtban 2

Heinemann Duty Free