Recent marketing campaigns win a multitude of awards

Budapest Airport’s retail marketing team won the Hungarian advertising industry’s most prestigious awards with two of its promotions implemented during the past year.

hipnózis kreatív díj

The extremely successful trinity promotion implemented last summer together with Zwack Unicum and Heinemann Duty Free was shortlisted both for the Hypnosis and the Golden Blade awards held in April and May this year, respectively. The main feature of the campaign was a 3.5 meter high Unicum bottle, housing a mini museum, erected in the middle of the SkyCourt by the Tibuktu agency. The second candidate was Budapest Airport’s internationally acclaimed Valentine’s Day promotion and the related ‘I miss you already’ video uploaded to youtube, made in cooperation with the HD Group.
Based on the votes of the respective panels, the former won the silver and the latter the bronze award at the Hypnosis gala, whilst the latter was awarded a bronze blade at the Golden Blade awards.

Heinemann Duty Free