The range of services available at Budapest Airport’s car parks at Terminal 2 has been expanded with a new service. With Park ’n Wash, cars are cleaned in the car park in as little as 15 minutes, which is ideal for car owners arriving to pick up passengers, as well as travelers parking at the airport prior to departure. Additionally, the technology used does not require any water, and is environmentally friendly.

Budapest Airport has launched a new service not available previously at the airport. This time the development is available not inside the terminal building, but outside in the car parks of Terminal 2, where car owners can now have their vehicles washed. With the Park ’n Wash service, drivers can have their cars washed and cleaned whilst simply leaving them in the car park. The service is available in the short and long stay and the guarded car park alike.

Park ‘n Wash is not only ideal for those who leave their cars at the airport for a few hours, or even a few days or weeks whilst they are traveling. The service is also available for drivers coming to collect family members or friends at the airport who only use the car parks for a short period, since it takes just 15 minutes for Park ’n Wash staff to “do the dirty work”.

The unique feature of the service is that no water is used; a special cleaning fluid is applied and then removed with a soft sponge. According to estimates, this technology saves 80-100 liters of water per vehicle, which means that several hundred cubic meters of precious drinking water are preserved from pollution on an annual scale. Moreover, the fluid used for cleaning contains plant extracts and other biodegradable substances, and thus only burdens the environment to a negligible extent. The efficiency of this technology, however, rivals that of the traditional wash and rinse method, thanks to the wax content of the cleaning fluid and the subsequent polishing.

“We are happy to make this brand new car wash service available at our car parks, to further improve the quality of our services provided to passengers at the airport,” said Manel Moreno, head of kerbside management for Budapest Airport. “The service works with “green” technology, without using water, and is thus also environmentally friendly.”