Secure luggage wrapping

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TrueStar Group – airport luggage wrapping

TrueStar Group S.p.A. is an international airport services operator. In particular, the Group offers a complete range of comprehensive passenger assistance services and provides luggage wrapping and protection services at airports. We operate in 46 international airports located in 17 countries.

The service we provide in Budapest are:

- Heavy-duty protective wrapping for all types of luggage.
- Security tamperproof label & code.
- Personalized telephone customer care services.
- Tracking in the event that your luggage is lost or damaged.

Opening hours:
from the beginning of check-in time of the first flight until the end of check-in time of the last flight of the certain terminal

Price: 2 500 HUF / 9 EUR

phone: +36 70 394 7612