Take a piece of Hungary with you!

Vida Vylyan promóció

1. Before take-off BUY at least one bottle of Vida and/or Vylyan wines in any Heinemann Duty Free shop and show them to the world out there.

2. TAKE A PICTURE with the bottle at your favourite place,in front of a famous sight, while you are riding a camel or even scuba diving...

3. SHARE YOUR PHOTO on Budapest Airport Facebook page before the 30th of June,tell us where it was taken,and we will reward the best Vylyan and the best Vida photo with one of the following:
- If you plan to come back to Hungary,an exclusive wine estate visit for 2 people (visit to the cellar,wine tasting,and accommodation for 1 night)

- If you prefer a wine package instead, the wine will travel to you, wherever you are*. Your prize will be an exclusive Vylyan or Vida wine selection in wooden gift box.

Play with us,and share your experience with others!

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