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#shakeofftakeoff prize competition:
Win an iPad mini!

Play with us and win a Budapest Airport gift pack each week, an aircraft scale model each month or the main prize, an iPad mini!

THE PERIOD OF THE COMPETITION: 9 November 2015 – 28 February 2016.
The prize draw will be held on 29 February 2016.

All you have to do to take part:
1. Come to the airport early and have a good time at Budapest Airport’s terminals. Spend some time shopping, try one of our cafés or restaurants, or enjoy our services.
2. Take a photo at Budapest Airport’s terminal which evokes the atmosphere of our promoted destinations: Stockholm, Athens, Hamburg and Cologne.
3. Post the photo on Budapest Airport’s the Facebook page of Budapest Airport or Instagrampage, and use the following key word at the end of the post: #shakeofftakeoff

Now it is worth coming earlier to the airport. Besides making a relaxed, stress-free start to your journey, now you can also win an iPad mini!


The best photos will be rewarded each week with a Budapest Airport gift pack.
Each month, we will also draw a Budapest Airport aircraft scale model between participants.
All participants will also have a chance to win an iPad mini, which will be drawn on 29 February.

Leave some additional free time for yourself at the terminal, evoke the atmosphere of Stockholm and enjoy your journey!

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Weekly winners:

balazs.csaba (Instagram)
zsizsikes (Instagram)
timi851207 (Instagram)
Sautekné Cseh Ildikó (Facebook)
Balló István (Facebook)
vogelicus (Instagram)
zoltanbacsi1965 (Instagram)
Viczián György (Facebook)
Kati Kovács (Facebook)
Regina Bezzeg (Facebook)

Monthly winner:

Szabó Judit (Facebook)
Balló István (Facebook)
moncsib85 (Instagram)

Main prize winner:

feco.likei (Instagram)

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