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Shops | 2015-07-06

Budapest & Music

Opening hours:05:00 - 21:00 Location: T2A departures A special gift shop is located in the transit area of Term...

Shops | 2015-07-06

Sunglass Center

Opening hours:05:00 - 21:00 Location: T2A departures The Sunglass Center shop stocks hundreds of pairs of sunglasses, ...

News | 2015-01-21

Another exclusive brand shop opens at Budapest Airport

The secret is out: Heinemann Duty Free has opened another brand shop at Terminal 2A of Budapest Airport, adding the American-owned Victoria...

Shops | 2014-08-25


Contact: +36703158285Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 8:00-21:00 Visit the Vodafone store at the airport (Terminal 2A arrivals), open for 14 hours.....

Shops | 2014-08-04

Vodafone 2

Contact: +36703158285Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 8 am – 9 pm Visit the Vodafone store at the airport (Terminal 2A arrivals), open for 13 hou...

News | 2014-08-02

Sauska wines a commercial success at Budapest Airport

The wines of the Sauska Winery from the Villány and Tokaj regions, on offer for tasting to the passengers of Budapest Airport for a month, ...

Shops | 2011-12-11


Contact:bud:skycourt: (+36-30) 961-4312Opening hours:bud:skycourt: 04:30-21:00 Szamos stores can easily win over the hearts of...

Shops | 2011-12-11


Contact:(+36-30) 757-3388Discover the world of Swarovski at www.swarovski.com.Opening hours: 04:30-...

Shops | 2011-12-11


Be informed in one of our Relay store about the latest news in newspapers and magazines selling in several languages- and once you are her...

Shops | 2011-12-11


Contact:(+36-1) 290-3545Opening hours:SkyCourt: 04:30-21:00 T2A: 05:00-21:00 Visit Playersroom store in SkyCourt and ...

Shops | 2011-12-11


Contact:(+36-30) 536-0756Opening hours: 05:00 - 22:00This is the first Hungarian moa store – the fashion accessory chain tempts...

Shops | 2011-12-11

Memories of Hungary

Contact: (+36-1) 439-4462Opening hours:SkyCourt: 04:30-21:00 T2B: 05:00-21:30 Take a look at the traditional and mode...

Shops | 2011-12-11


Contact:(+36-1) 296-9018 OPENING HOURS: MONDAY: 04:30 – 21:50 TUESDAY: 04:30 – 21:20 WEDNESDAY: 04:30 – 21:20 THURSDAY:...

Shops | 2011-12-11

Hungaricum wine & fine food

Contact:(+36-20) 404-0940Opening hours:04:30-21:00 The newly opening Hungaricum wine & fine food store awaits customers with q...

Shops | 2011-12-11


Opening hours:04:30-20:00The Hungaricum shop in the departures area of Terminal 1 is the last opportunity for foreign visitors to take a sma...

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