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News | 2014-07-25

Formula 1 cavalcade at Budapest Airport

Formula 1 drivers and teams are arriving at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) of Budapest Airport one after the other, ahead of the Hungar...

Parking | 2011-10-19

Parking - Terminal 1

There are plenty of parking spaces available at Terminal 1, including Express, Short-stay, Long-stay car park and Bus parking lot. There are...

Lost baggage | 2011-08-17

Lost Baggage

If a piece of baggage does not arrive at the destination, this does not necessarily mean that it has been lost once and for all.

Check list | 2011-08-17

Check list

Before you leave Check that you have your travel documents, since you will definitely need them during . Pack any sharp items and liqu...

Check-in | 2011-08-17


When preparing to travel by aircraft, there are a lot of special things to consider which are not relevant for other modes of transport. In ...

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